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Covid -19 level 1… click to read more

At level 1 we continue to book both phone and virtual consults, and have safe ways to see patients on site if they meet safe screening criteria. We will keep working on appropriate processes to safely extend our on-site consulting and avoiding risk of waiting room overcrowding and so forth.

FLU VACCINES ARE HERE! – phone next week to book appointments

Flu vaccines have finally arrived today Friday 15th. We will start taking phone bookings from Monday. Online bookings will be opened later in the week so we can plan for social distancing. Please watch here, we will update when online appointments open again. Thank you for your patience!

Driver Licences

To help smooth the transition back to compliance, the following documents are temporarily extended: WoFs and CoFs, driver licences that expired on or after 1 January 2020. Other vehicle certifications which expired on or after 1 January 2020, including alternative fuel inspection certificates, permits authorising use of vehicles with conditions,

MGP Special Services

You can now have an online consultation with your MGP Doctor using This is able to be set up using the instruction in the \"Resources\" section of this website or contact MGP to find out how to access this system.

You can now order your prescriptions and lab results online via the patient portal. You may already have online access for appointments, but you will need to complete a form at Meadowbank General Practice to request online prescriptions. Contact MGP to find out how to access this system.

Meadowbank General Practice (MGP) is committed to providing comprehensive quality care to all our patients and offer a wide range of family medical services. Our Doctors are highly experienced General Practitioners knowledgeable in the broad range of problems dealt within general medical practice.

Meadowbank General Practice

Phone: 09 521-5128

Welcome to MGP Doctors - Inside the Meadowbank Mall

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Medical Guidance

Our Doctors are highly experienced General Practitioners, knowledgeable in the broad range of problems dealt with in primary health care. We believe your health is best managed by continuous care from the same source.

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You can now easily select an appointment for your doctor via our online booking system. Pick the date which is the most convenient for you with any internet-connected computer, tablet or smart-phone. Book now.

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Repeat prescriptions can now be ordered online. To see your list of medications will require activation (ID validated by MGP doctors). Requests will be checked and you may be asked to make an appointment.

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Nurse Treatment

Our practice nurses are trained in health education and are available for a wide range of treatments and management of health conditions. Nurses perform a number of procedures such as ECGs, cervical smears and wound management.

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MEADOWBANK GENERAL PRACTICE Located in the Meadowbank Mall near the food court - 35-47 St Johns Rd