As of 21 October, Ministry of Health have recommended for Auckland region vaccination of 6 months to 11 months.  This is a summary of current MOH recommendations. We are in the process of recalling the 6 months to 1-year olds – this age group is most likely to be hospitalised in the current outbreak and are a priority for protection (60% of cases of measles in babies younger than 12 months have been hospitalised).

1. Active recall of 6-11 month olds (MMR0) prioritising Pacific and Māori and opportunistic vaccination of this age group (these babies will still need two further immunisations and nurses will discuss the timing of this when baby is here for vaccination.

2. Continue scheduled 12 month and 4-year-old vaccine

3. One dose of MMR to people aged under 30 years with no recorded MMR1, with particular focus on:

  • Pacific and Māori people
  • Students including both school and tertiary students
  • Postpartum women and family members of new-born babies (0-6 months).
  • Teachers and early childhood educators.

4. Based on clinical judgement: we may give one dose of MMR to people aged 30-49 years:

  • Who work in higher risk environments such as institutions (e.g. prisons)
  • Who are in one of priority groups in point 3 (e.g. teachers or new mothers aged 30-49 years)