At level 2.5 we are still actively encouraging video or phone consultations as well as doing face-to-face consultations.

We need to keep our waiting room as clear as possible so, at the time of your appointment, please remain waiting in your car and we will call you to come in. You must wear a mask or some suitable form of face covering throughout your appointment. If you do not have your own mask, we have them available for $2 each.

Please come alone unless you require a support person for mobility or other health need reasons – please restrict this to a maximum of 1 support person. A parent should only come with the relevant child.

For health and safety reasons, we need to actively manage the amount of time you spend on the premises if you have a face-to-face appointment. Consequently, extended appointments will generally not be available and we ask that you restrict the appointment to a single issue only. For more complex concerns that may require more than a maximum 15 minutes, we are likely to recommend that the appointment is continued virtually.

Monday to Friday please do contact us if you are concerned about your symptoms and would like to talk to a doctor about an assessment, or any difficulty arranging a test. There are no charges for these virtual appointments for symptoms of Covid-19. We do also have some ability to arrange tests at Meadowbank General Practice.

We will update this information as things evolve.

Thank-you for your patience!