Start date and prioritisation period

The 2021 Influenza Immunisation Programme will commence on 14 April 2021, with a two-week priority period for people over 65 eligible for a free influenza vaccination. These dates are dependent on approval by the regulator. 

Vaccinators have been recommended to focus on immunising those who are eligible for a funded vaccination for the first two weeks of the programme to protect as many of those who are at greatest risk first, well ahead of the influenza season.

  1. The first weeks of the prioritisation period is only for adults aged 65 and over and there is an additional vaccine this year that is specifically intended for this population.
  1. The second week of the prioritisation period, from 21 April has been altered (update from previous report) and now no vaccines will be available until early May for under 65s including people eligible for a funded vaccination.
  1. Vaccination can then be extended to include the general population from early May dates to be advised-

The influenza vaccination programme runs to 31 December 2021. All groups can be immunised through to December. Accessed from: