Adults:- We are not able to contact all our patients who have positive RAT tests as we are receiving so many notifications and often with some delays, we do not have the capacity to do this. If you have not yet been sent any info how to self-manage, please see this link: If you are needing medical advice or are concerned, please phone Reception 09 5215128 and advise your positive result so you can be given priority for a virtual appointment as needed. If it is non-urgent you can still book via the portal. After hours contact Healthline 0800 358 5453 for advice. See further information in our earlier latest news post, ‘Resources for you and your Family’ for other useful links. We highly recommend Whanau HQ (link in the previous post as mentioned). Most people will be fine to self-manage and we wish you all a rapid recovery!

Children – if your child has a positive RAT test phone 0800222 478 for them to upload result.

Resources noted – we keep updating this and know these sites are being updated frequently too…


  • Superb video on mask use and clever ways to ensure functions – everyone should watch this!

Covid-19: GP shows how to fit your N95 and surgical mask at home |

  • Excellent website with wide range of Covid information being regularly updated

The Health Navigator team have created some helpful resources we would encourage you to share on social media with your community. These videos have been updated for Omicron and are being adopted by the MOH teams.

  • Preparing for Covid/ Omicron  in the community and your household:-

  • More specific information and gems from HealthNavigator and other resources worth watching:-

How to isolate (taratahi) at home
This video outlines how to isolate (taratahi) at home when you are COVID-19 positive. Watch the related page and video.

Managing your Covid-19 symptoms
This animation provides a simple summary of the key things you can do to manage your COVID-19 symptoms. Watch the video.

When to seek help for your COVID-19 symptoms
This animation explains how to monitor your COVID-19 symptoms and outlines when to seek medical advice. Watch the video.  Scroll down to view on the symptoms page.

Other useful links – printable PDF resources from Health Navigator

• How to use a pulse oximeter in adults     
• How to manage your COVID symptoms
• Stop the spread of COVID-19
• What symptoms can I expect?
• Symptoms and when to get help