Funded FLU vaccines available from Monday 3/4/23 – book a Nurse appointment for this (unless seeing your GP for an appointment, can be given same time).

Covid vaccine, and Covid boosters (bivalent) available for adults (12 years+) from1/03/23 – book a Nurse appointment NOTE must be 6 months after the last Covid booster, and 6 months after having had Covid19( see more below).

Bexsero meningococcal vaccine will be part of the routine National Immunisation Schedule at the 3 months and 5 months immunisation events (primary doses) followed by a (booster dose) at the 12 months event.

All children who are aged 5 years or younger on 1 March 2023, will also be eligible for funded Bexsero vaccine as part of a catch-up programme.

It will also be funded for people aged 13 to 25 years who are entering into or in their first year of specified close-living situations.

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This is part of the Government’s plan to keep Kiwis safe and take pressure off our health system.

The new bivalent vaccine will replace the existing Pfizer booster and is considered likely to be more effective against Omicron subvariants. Bivalent vaccines work by combining 2 strains of a virus, which prompts the body to create antibodies against both strains, providing a greater level of protection.

People at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 will also be able to receive an additional booster, regardless of how many doses they have previously had.

As well as broadening the criteria from April, from 1 March, anyone currently eligible for a COVID-19 booster will be able to get the new bivalent vaccine.