We have been obliged to move our patient portal to Manage My Health, as Connectmed (our previous portal) have sold to the MMH team. 

As many are aware there have been some unforeseen issues with the transition. We are working with the MMH team to solve these, thank you for your patience.  

In the future MMH, will add in more features and ease of communication, as well as the current online bookings, repeat prescription requests and access to test results via your computer or mobile phone.

We have not been able to activate script payments by debit card, yet but this is being sorted. 

At this stage, the booking part does not align with our way of managing booking templates – when you do book – if you scroll down to ‘Other’ for reason for booking, you can write ‘phone’ or ‘video’. We are working with MMH to get this issue resolved. If you are having trouble enrolling, you can ask reception and they will send a message through to MMH.