Normal 15 minute Consultation Fees
Funded and Enrolled
Under 14 years FREE
Young Patients 14-24 years $49.00
Patients 25-64 years $63.00
Patients 65 years and over $61.00
Community Services Card (CSC) holder over 18 years $19.00
Community Services Card (CSC) holder 14-18 years $12.50

Under 6 years $30.00
Other Patients $97.00

New Patients
Whilst new patients are waiting for confirmation of their funding from the Ministry of Health
(this can take several months) – higher fees also apply as above.

New Patient First Appointment $105
15 minutes with Nurse & 30 minutes with Doctor

Other Fees
A minimum $25 fee is usually charged for Nursing Services.

We are unable to give Maternity Care free of charge.

ACC Consultations
Usually $60 plus cost of any dressings, etc.

Repeat Prescriptions
Collected $30.00
CSC holder collected $19.00
Please allow 24 hours for your script to be prepared

Longer or involved consultations will be charged extra



Standard appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes – extra time will be charged for. It is only possible to deal with one problem in 15 minutes. If you need longer, please remember to book a longer appointment, which generally will incur an extra fee.

Minor Surgery, IUCD, insurance and immigration medicals, or personal “all over check-ups” require at least half-hour appointments and will need booking by phone only.

We make every effort to run to time but on occasions unexpected emergencies, or a consultation running over time, may cause delays. We will try to contact you, if your doctor is running more than 30 minutes behind. Complaints or bouquets can be received by any member of staff.

Fees are usually charged for Nursing services.