No Gardasil vaccinations at MGP until September – except for people with immune condition ‘ criteria’ listed below.

Immunisation Advisory Centre Notes-
9 (HPV9) supply constraint PHARMAC has advised that supply of Gardasil 9 will be limited until September 2018 due to global supply issues. Distribution of the remaining New Zealand stock will be limited to school-based immunisation programmes and practices with patients who meet the “special groups” eligibility criteria:

» Individuals aged 9–26 years inclusively post-solid organ transplantation; post-haematopoietic stem cell transplantation; post-chemotherapy or who are HIV-positive.

Practices with patients who need to complete their final (second or third) vaccination in accordance with the recommended vaccination administration period should delay these doses until September where possible.

Vaccinators should not start new patients on Gardasil9 until the new supply is confirmed in September 2018, unless they are high-risk as noted above. Vaccinators who have patients currently aged 26 years can delay their first dose of the vaccine due to the shortage and submit a manual claim for the administration of their vaccine. The final date for such manual claims will be advised once normal vaccine supply has resumed.