Given all the media attention surrounding the current measles outbreak in Christchurch and some measles cases in Auckland, please read the below information before contacting the nurses as we are inundated with queries about measles.

The Ministry of Health have advised this is not an emergency and that those not immediately at risk can be vaccinated later when constraints around vaccines have lessened. Currently, there is a MMR Vaccine (Measles Mumps Rubella) campaign in Canterbury only and their first priority is to vaccinate people between 12 months to 28 years who have never received a measles or MMR vaccine.

Therefore, the current advice for practices outside of Canterbury is to maintain the National Immunisation Programme of MMR vaccination at ages 15 months and 4 years.

We will be vaccinating children when they are due for their scheduled immunisations and those who are at higher risk, this includes:

• healthcare workers (who have not had 2 times doses or have serology showing immunity)
• contacts of confirmed cases
• travelers to countries with serious outbreaks. (Currently travel to Canterbury is not considered to carry the same level of risk as travel to these countries)

If you are one of the above please contact us.

One dose of measles or MMR vaccine protects 95% of vaccinated people.
So please check your child health records if you have had at least one dose then you are likely to be protected and could have a 2nd dose later this year.

If you have never been vaccinated with measles or MMR, then we will provide the first dose if stocks are available, please contact reception who will then run this past the nurses.