As recommended by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners and the Ministry of Health, we ask screening questions for respiratory and other viral symptoms, such as fever and diarrhoea, before making your appointment. The guidelines are that those with viral symptoms must not be in waiting rooms with others, to limit the spread of infection, both of COVID-19 and other viral illnesses. Most people are now unable to attend work, school or social gatherings, if they are unwell… and it affects our workforce too! This is also why we are still asking all adults to wear a mask to their appointments – we know it can be annoying but better safe than sorry!

We understand the perceived risk of COVID-19 in the community is low at present and this restriction may be frustrating for our patients. If you have respiratory or viral symptoms you will INITIALLY be offered a phone or video consultation. We are very experienced in assessing via video or phone and we can usually make a treatment plan which would not be altered by an examination in cases of mild to moderate illness.

Please be assured that we will arrange to see you within a few hours, either in the practice or your car, if we think you need an examination.

The COVID testing guidelines from the Ministry of Health remain the same, that anyone with COVID symptoms should be tested. Without maintaining steady testing of symptomatic people in the community, we cannot know if we have the virus circulating. We are able to offer testing in your car at the back of the practice, depending on weather and staff availability.