Sometimes your doctor needs to take a sample of blood or urine – either to discover what is wrong with you or to measure something in your blood – so that the right medication is given to you. These tests could be anything from blood sugar to a full blood count or a sample of tissue to test for cancer.

While urine can generally be tested in the surgery, blood and other specimens are usually sent away for testing at a laboratory. Most results come back within 48 hours, unless a very rare test is needed which may have to go to a specialist lab further away and might take a little longer.

• All incoming results are checked by the Doctor and we will contact you if further action is necessary – either by telephone, if urgent, or otherwise by letter

• It is not our routine to contact a patient if the results are Normal, with the exception of Cervical Smear results for which we will always send you a letter

•If you are signed up for our portal you will be able to see results there once they are filed by your Dr. Sometimes there is a delay as once we file the results they are no longer available in our inbox where we keep them when more review required .

If you need to telephone our Nurses regarding your results – please phone after 10.00 am.