The vaccine is given as two doses to those aged 14 years and under, and three doses to those aged 15 years and older.

The vaccine is offered to boys and girls through participating schools at Year 8, around age 12. HPV immunisation is also available free at the practice from 9 years of age to prevent cancers in men and women.

An increasing proportion of mouth and throat cancers, which affect men at higher rates than women, are caused by HPV. HPV can cause cancers in men. HPV immunisation has been recommended (but not funded) for boys for several years in New Zealand and many other countries. Those not part of the school vaccination programme can receive this vaccine free of charge from our nurses.
HPV vaccines are relatively expensive and were initially funded to prevent the most common HPV-related cancer, cervical cancer, which affects only women.

Immunisation with Gardasil 9 can prevent infection with:
• the seven HPV types that cause nine out of ten HPV-related cancers
• the two HPV types that cause nine out of ten cases of genital warts

The vaccine is given by injection in the upper arm. Two injections are given at least six months apart for those aged 14 and under. Those aged 15 and over will need three doses to be fully protected.