We offer advice and immunisation before you go to another country. While you are likely to have the immunisations needed to live in New Zealand, there may be other injections you need to protect yourself before going, for example, to Africa or South America. In some places, you will need protection from rabies or malaria. Yellow fever vaccinations are only available at approved centres. Your doctor will be able to tell you what diseases you will need to be protected from in any named country and advise you on other medical matters.

You should allow 6-8 weeks before you travel to discuss the details of your travel plans with our Nurses and find out what immunisations or precautions are advised.

Enrolled patients can contact our Nurses via the Nurse Contact Form for our travel advice process. They will let you know about information we need about your itinerary so they can advise on immunisations, medical appointment requirements ( such as if malaria medications are recommended) and the fees involved in their time for this process. Our nurses attend regular updates on regular immunisations as well as travel.

Link to Travel & Immunisations PDF.